3.0 Changes in Personnel

PDP’s overall staffing has remained stable over the past three years. PDP has experienced a professional staff turnover of approximately 8% this past year. This is a decrease from the previous year (2015–2016). PDP has successfully recruited and filled the professional vacancies that have arisen. Support staff has remained constant for the past several years, and the number of graduate assistants and student interns has also remained steady as illustrated in the following figures.

PDP Staffing 2016 vs 2017
Category 2015 2016
Professional 163 154
Support 19 20
Graduate Assistants/Interns 11 18
Total 193 192

PDP has a diversified staff which includes several generations in the workplace. The age, gender, and ethnic distribution of staff for 2017 is highlighted in Figures 2-4 shown below.

Age distribution of PDP Staff in 2017 Figure 2

Gender distribution of PDP Staff in 2017 Figure 3

Ethnic distribution of PDP Staff in 2017 Figure 4

PDP projects that in 2017 staffing patterns will remain constant. Ongoing efforts continue to increase diversity in new hires.