6.0 Major Accomplishments

6.1 Instructional Activity

One measure for examining PDP’s accomplishments is to consider PDP’s overall instructional activity in meeting the education and training needs of the public service workforce. PDP has an extended history of offering a comprehensive range of education and training programs for the public workforce which continues to generate steady enrollments on an annual basis. For the past five years, PDP has, on average, offered over 3,029 instructional activities per year enrolling approximately 168,884 workers in its programs. Figure 6 provides a summary of instructional activity and enrollments for the period 2012–2017.

During the past year (2016-2017), PDP reported that it offered 2,714 courses, institutes, and workshops enrolling 225,498 workers. This generated 708,404 contact hours of instruction across all of its programs which was a 42% increase compared to last year. The program areas that generated the largest enrollments were Child Care Provider Training—181,718 registered; and NYS STD/HIV Prevention—12,306 registered.

Enrollment History 2012-2017 Figure 6

PDP has seen an increase in the need to reach large numbers of training participants in a very short period of time to deliver critical policy and procedure updates for our sponsors. To accomplish this, we have increasingly used webinars and other synchronous and asynchronous learning methodologies with great success.