7.0 PDP Staff

7.2 PDP Staff Accomplishments

7.2.1 Child Welfare

Michael Cozzens took part in a panel discussion on “Serving Transitional Youth: Effective Collaboration Practices for Foster Care and Adult Services Caseworkers” at the July 2016 New York Public Welfare Administration Conference.

Wendy Calabrese-Sampone presented at the 2016 MAPP Leaders Training Conference. The workshop entitled “Opiate Use: No Need to Walk the Plank” focused on the Opioid use epidemic and the challenges child welfare professionals are faced with in helping children find protection and services in this environment; and the ways in which caseworkers can work with families affected by opioid abuse. Also presenting at this conference was Melissa Crocetta conducting a workshop entitled “What’s in It for Me?: Motivating Youth” focused on how to motivate youth- the challenges, how to engage, and creative strategies that can be used.

Wendy Calabrese-Sampone attended an OCFS KEYS: NYS Model of Supervision training, a six-day training that provides a clear guide to daily interactions between supervisors and their staff. Training modules included: Transitioning from Caseworker to Supervisor, The Supervisory Process, and Case Consultation.

In October 2016, Michael Cozzens and Kim Dennis-Walker attended a conference in Boston, MA entitled “Beyond the Basics: Advancing Care for LGBTQ Youth and Young Adults.” The keynote speaker, Caitlin Ryan, is one of the leading researchers on family acceptance for LGBTQ youth. Other presenters included experts in the areas of health disparities, racial justice, interfaith communities and the delivery of LGBTQ services across a continuum of care.

7.2.2 Department of Temporary Assistance Training

On November 1, 2016, Rodolfo Robles and Sheila Ryan presented selected policy topics at the 2016 Hearing Officer Training Seminar in Albany, New York. Rodolfo presented a session on “The State Supplement Program (SSP).” Sheila presented sessions on “Storage Allowance” and “SNAP Household Composition and Joint Custody” in addition to touching upon some shorter Temporary Assistance and SNAP topics. The seminar was attended by NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance staff from Counsel’s Office and the Office of Administrative Hearings. Each policy training session was designed to meet the learning needs of Hearing Officers and provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

On November 10, 2016, Dr. Deanna Cooper and Diane Hodurski-Foley presented “Implementing Large-Scale Workforce Training With Webinars” at the 2016 Annual CEANY Conference in Suffern, New York. This session highlighted PDP’s success using webinars to implement just-in-time statewide training initiatives to address the emerging professional continuing education needs of a 4,000-person workforce. Lessons learned, best practices, and practical considerations for using webinars for planning, designing, and implementing large-scale workforce training initiatives were reviewed.

On November 10, 2016, Jessica Bashaw presented “Just-in-Time Training: Delivering the Goods” at the 2016 Annual CEANY Conference in Suffern, New York. This presentation reviewed how just-in-time training can be the solution to professional continuing education needs, as well as how this type of training differs from performance coaching and other types of training. Participants were led through a decision-making activity to identify and plan the best just-in-time training method for their program’s needs and constraints.

On April 21, 2017, Jessica Bashaw, Diane Hodurski-Foley, and Edward Skawinski presented to PDP staff during the 2017 PDP Staff Recognition Program regarding the TA/ SNAP Worker Training Path hosted on TrainingSpace.ny.gov. This presentation highlighted the effective collaboration of two PDP departments (Temporary Assistance Training and Instructional Technologies) in designing and implementing this successful online training plan product.

On April 21, 2017, Diane Hodurski-Foley, Christine King, Edward Skawinski, and Bryan Sotherden presented to PDP staff during the 2017 PDP Staff Recognition Program regarding two custom online registration sites designed by PDP for large-scale training conferences, such as the Healthy Families Training Institute and Eat Smart New York Training Conference. Strong internal communication, staff expertise, and creativity were highlighted as keys to the successful design and implementation of these easy to use registration sites that can reach a statewide audience and be used as a flexible registration model for future use.

On June 5, 2017, Lauren Ford and Erika Pileggi presented two sessions of “A Refresher on Preparing a SNAP Claim” at the 2017 New York Welfare Fraud Investigators Association (NYWFIA) Annual Training Seminar in Oswego, New York. Each session reviewed the job tasks associated with preparing a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) claim, with a focus on reviewing the steps involved in preparing the claim and the specific process for assessing the SNAP overpayment history. This included a review of how to establish the overpayment and claim periods, calculate the accurate claim amount, determine SNAP benefits received, and determine corrected SNAP benefits. These sessions were targeted to Welfare Fraud Investigators involved in identifying and calculating SNAP overpayments and establishing SNAP claims, as well as for supervisors who review and approve cases with SNAP overpayments and claims.

7.2.3 Child Care Subsidy

Lakia Green is a certified DDI trainer and provided training opportunities to PDP staff throughout the year.

Sheri Dushane attended a three-day training on the Ruth Clark method of writing curriculum titled: How to Plan, Develop, and Evaluate Training, and has adopted that style for newly developed curriculum going forward.

Sage Ruckterstuhl continues to work toward achieving the ATD credential to become a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) (anticipated October 2017). Sage does this independently from her PDP workload.

7.2.4 Instructional Technology Programs

As members of the Communiqué Committee, Catherine Reynolds (Graphic Designer) and Dr. Erica Hunter (Associate Editor) received the 2017 APEX Award of Excellence in the newsletter-print category for the production and design of the Communiqué. Other members of the committee include Eugene Monaco, (Executive Director and Public Service Professor), Jessica Bashaw (Editor), Jim Bonville (Associate Editor), Donna DiBuono (Associate Editor), Ed Kirchgessner (Photographer), and Gary Glinski (Photographer).

7.2.5 Child Support Training and Outreach Project (CSTOP)

In the field of performance-based learning, effective workforce training programs strive to enable learning at all moments of need within the work environment with the goal of enabling worker success and, ultimately, improved business outcomes. Sometimes those moments of need occur while workers are performing their work. The Child Support Training and Outreach Project continues to create and offer options that address immediate learning needs such as interactive decision support tools and work-related resource systems made available for workers’ use at the moment-of-need. CSTOP’s Lillith Stoessel spearheaded the Bank Reconciliation Project this past year in which she designed an online component of the sponsor’s electronic resource system that enabled access to materials and resources specifically designed to instruct and support local district child support workers in the completion of the required daily and monthly bank reconciliations. Its introduction was met with much excitement and stakeholders anticipate seeing a reduction in errors and delays in monthly reconciliations.

Jeff Issacson proposed and was selected to conduct a 90-minute workshop entitled Using Team Diagramming for Effective Leadership at the Staff Development Coordinators Annual Meeting in Albany on June 7. In this workshop, Jeff demonstrated how organizational leaders can benefit from employing the practice of team diagramming to analyze decisions and potential outcomes in advance, in order to foster strategic planning and promote employee engagement. He facilitated discussion on how to maximize the positive and minimize the negative consequences of decisions and actions pertinent to building a “winning” team. Participants appreciated Jeff ’s enthusiasm and found the material to be very creative and helpful.

7.2.6 Department of Early Childhood Training

Jill Haskell represented EIP at the Capital District Child Care Coordinating Council’s Columbus Day conference at the Desmond, Albany NY on 10-10-16. Educational and support materials were displayed detailing the EIP scholarship program and technical assistance was provided to all interested individuals.

Colleen O’Grady and Allison Sarnoff attended the December 2, 2016 Pyramid Model Implementation Site Kickoff Meeting held in Latham, NY to explain the process for receipt of scholarship awards and collect the required program participation paperwork.

7.2.7 Public Service Workshop Program

Enthusiastically taking on additional work due to staff vacancies, Kathie Lay scheduled 61 of the 100 workshops scheduled in the final 4-month period of 2016 herself. That really is quite an amazing achievement, especially considering the additional work required for the UUP series and the Nurse Leadership deliveries that she coordinated.

LaToya Jackson not only coordinated three overlapping Leadership Development Programs in the final quarter of 2016, but she put in great effort in the planning and subsequent launch of the NYS Leadership Institute. Additionally, she met head on the challenge of planning three additional LDPs in 2017 while coordinating ongoing sessions of the Leadership Institute.

7.2.8 Department of Computer Training Services

Carolyn Yetto was a member of the Research Foundation for SUNY’s 2017 Leadership Academy.

Eric Gleason and Nathan Cadoret provided invaluable support to the New York Welfare Fraud Investigators Association (NYWFIA) organization with their technical expertise and ability to support presenters and participants at their three-day 2017 Annual Training Conference.

7.2.9 Information Systems and Programming

Information Systems and Programming staff attended the 2016 Microsoft Build Webinar and the 2016 Albany Cyber Security Conference.

7.2.10 Training and Technical Assistance to Support Local DSS Permanency Planning

Project team members attended the 2017 Mindfulness/Mind Sciences of Bias Conference sponsored by OCFS. The conference raised awareness and discussed mind science behind bias and implicit bias with goal of reducing racial and ethnic disparities in child welfare.

7.2.11 Evaluation Unit

Susan Gieryic, Fazana Saleem-Ismael, and Arinka Abad conducted a presentation entitled “Traveling the Evaluation Highway: Using Data to Map the Way” at the November 2016 Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) Conference.

Fazana Saleem–Ismael conducted a presentation about the PDP’s NYS Pyramid Model evaluation plan at the annual meeting of the NYS Pyramid Model Statewide Leadership Team in April 2017.

Susan Gieryic presented an overview on the importance of designing quality Kirkpatrick Level 2 Pre and Post Test and Post Test only instruments with multiple choice survey questions at a PDP Managers and Supervisors Meeting in June 2017.