7.0 PDP Staff

7.2 PDP Staff Accomplishments

7.2.1 Child Welfare

In October 2015, Michael Cozzens represented OCFS as the foster care expert panelist and co-moderator for a webinar entitled “Serving Transitioning Youth: Effective Collaboration Strategies for APS and Foster Care caseworkers.” Discussion included some new and creative strategies that three local social services districts are deploying to serve an ever growing, and often very challenging, population. The webinar was recorded via iLinc and made available in HSLC for continued viewing.

7.2.2 Department of Temporary Assistance Training

On October 6, 2015 and April 20, 2016, Jessica Bashaw, Diane Hodurski-Foley, Edward Skawinski, and Kasa Wahl-Losee gave presentations at the semi-annual OCFS/OTDA Staff Development Advisory Committee meetings. In the first meeting, design plans and development progress for the ITAP Trainee Developmental Assessment Tool and the TA/SNAP Worker Training Path were presented, along with simulated screens and other materials. In the second meeting, the content prototype for the ITAP Trainee Developmental Assessment Tool was presented along with a demonstration of the completed TA/SNAP Worker Training Path on TrainingSpace.org, which was launched in March 2016.

On October 26 and 27, 2015, both Rodolfo Robles and Sheila Ryan presented sessions at the at the 2015 Hearing Officer Training Seminar in Albany, New York. Sheila presented a session on “Interim Assistance Reimbursement and Recovery of Equivalent Benefits” as well as a second session on “SNAP Employment Requirements: Non-Compliance and Conciliation.” Rodolfo presented a session on “SNAP Employment Requirements: Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs).” The seminar was attended by NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance staff from Counsel’s Office and the Office of Administrative Hearings. Each policy training session was designed to meet the learning needs of Hearing Officers and provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

On June 6, 2016, Dr. Deanna Cooper presented two sessions of “Representing Your Agency at Fair Hearings” at the 2016 New York Welfare Fraud Investigators Association (NYWFIA) Annual Training Seminar in Lake Placid, New York. This session reviewed the basics that Welfare Fraud Investigators need to know when representing their social services agencies at fair hearings. Topics included an overview of the fair hearing process, basic rules of evidence, the burden of persuasion, standards of proof, tips for effective testimony, and professional decorum.

On June 7 and 8, 2016, Lauren Ford and Peter Kircher presented two sessions of “Calculation and Recovery of TA Overpayments Using WMS” at the 2016 New York Welfare Fraud Investigators Association (NYWFIA) Annual Training Seminar in Lake Placid, New York. Each session reviewed job tasks associated with the calculation and recovery of Temporary Assistance (TA) overpayments. Topics included a review of TA Recoupment/Claim Types, identification of the overpayment period, calculation of the overpayment amount, and the procedures for recovering overpayments from active cases using the Welfare Management System and a related sub-system.

7.2.3 Child Care Subsidy

Sheri Dushane successfully completed the requirements to renew her NYS Early Care and Learning Trainer’s Credential.

Sage Ruckterstuhl is independently continuing to work toward the successful completion of the ATD credential.

7.2.4 Instructional Technology Programs

Erica Hunter and Penny Kurtz presented “Concrete Strategies for Building Interactive Courses” at the 2016 Lectora User Conference held in Florida, May 17-19, 2016.

Mandy Parker earned PDP’s Outstanding Professional Staff Award for 2015, for her web development and design work and expertise in web accessibility and the newly released NYS branding guidelines.

7.2.5 Child Support Training and Outreach Project (CSTOP)

In the field of performance-based learning, effective workforce training programs strive to enable learning at all moments of need within the work environment with the goal of enabling worker success and, ultimately, improved business outcomes. Sometimes those moments of need occur while workers are performing their work. The Child Support Training and Outreach Project continues to create and offer options that address immediate learning needs such as interactive decision support tools and work-related resource systems made available for workers’ use at the moment-of-need. CSTOP’s Lillith Stoessel spearheaded the Bank Reconciliation Project this past year in which she designed an online component of the sponsor’s electronic resource system that enabled access to materials and resources specifically designed to instruct and support local district child support workers in the completion of the required daily and monthly bank reconciliations. Its introduction was met with much excitement and stakeholders anticipate seeing a reduction in errors and delays in monthly reconciliations.

Jeff Issacson proposed and was selected to conduct a 90-minute workshop entitled Using Team Diagramming for Effective Leadership at the Staff Development Coordinators Annual Meeting in Albany on June 7. In this workshop Jeff demonstrated how organizational leaders can benefit from employing the practice of team diagramming to analyze decisions and potential outcomes in advance, in order to foster strategic planning and promote employee engagement. He facilitated discussion on how to maximize the positive and minimize the negative consequences of decisions and actions pertinent to building a “winning” team. Participants appreciated Jeff’s enthusiasm and found the material to be very creative and helpful.