1.0 Performance Relative to Stated Mission & Goals

1.1 Overview of PDP’s Mission and Function

Since its founding in 1975, PDP has been committed to supporting public service outreach at the University at Albany through education and training. Historically, PDP’s ongoing education and training programs have been directed to improving the job performance of the public sector and not-for-profit workforce at all levels. Today, as a major center at the University located in Rockefeller College, PDP’s core mission is directly linked to Rockefeller College’s public service mission to provide relevant service learning opportunities for those individuals who work in or for the public sector. PDP’s central mission has been unwavering over its long history which continues to be directed at offering needed education, training, research and evaluation undertakings that assist employees of government agencies, non-government organizations and not-for-profits work more effectively in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Its aim to make a difference in the changing world of public service by connecting the learning, applied research, and evaluation resources of the University with the continuing professional education needs of those who work in the public service arena is ongoing.

In this manner, PDP has remained firmly committed to making applied research, extended learning and continuing professional education a reality for the public service workforce through offering applicable education and training programs focused on increasing worker performance at all levels. Many of PDP’s programs have provided employees with unique opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in a work setting through such activities as job shadowing, cooperative education, and internships.

Throughout its rich history, PDP has developed numerous instructional programs designed to meet the continuing education and training needs of the public sector workforce in New York State, as well as other states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. It also has worked internationally in Kenya supporting the work of its sister center the Center for International Development (CID). In implementation of these activities, PDP has steadily demonstrated a keen ability to not only meet but also regularly exceed the requirements of working with diversified learners in a focused and practical manner.

PDP presents

Dedicated to being a learning organization, PDP has developed and demonstrated a thorough understanding and responsiveness to its varied customers—from agencies and commissioners to all levels of policy and program staff, including direct service recipients.

Utilizing an innovative choice of various instructional models, techniques, and multi-media throughout its educational offerings (e.g., knowledge dissemination; outcome, performance, and evidencebased approaches), PDP has constantly produced high-quality programs for learners. PDP is steadfastly bound to the principles of adult learning theory designed in a way in which evidence based training leads to improved employee work performance at all levels.

Much of PDP’s success is based on how it is organized to deliver its various programs. This model provides for curriculum design, development, and training staff, as well as other subject matter experts, to be reinforced by a team of educational multimedia technicians, technical, and support staff to ensure the expedient dissemination of high-quality educational products in both traditional (e.g., classroom, workshop, residential, seminar, etc.) and non-traditional (e.g., technology-based instruction, e-learning, web-based, etc.) formats. PDP’s ongoing achievements have been based on effectively using this approach and it plans to continue in this vein since this method has proven to be instrumental in providing it with a model for continued success.