1.0 Performance Relative to Stated Mission & Goals

1.5 PDP's Capacity

During the past year, PDP continued to maintain an effective organizational structure and had sufficient staff resources to develop, schedule, deliver, and evaluate training activities, as well as interact with stakeholders. It retains the necessary fiscal, organizational, and program capacity to effectively meet its varied contract deliverables.

1.5.1 Organization Structure

In 2016–2017, the Professional Development Program managed a diverse portfolio of projects covering a wide range of education and training initiatives. The program is directed by a Public Service Professor/Executive Director (RF title: Principal Investigator) who serves as its chief executive officer. In addition there are two Directors (RF title: Project Administrative Officer), and twelve Managers (RF titles: Principal Education Specialist, Principal Research Support Specialist, or Project Staff Associate) who function as the management team.

Each Director has responsibility for designated programs within the PDP portfolio. The Managers in turn report to specific Directors. Managers have day-to-day responsibility for program development and delivery as well as staff supervision. Each project is staffed with the necessary curriculum development and training staff as well as technical and project support staff needed to accomplish all project objectives. PDP is structured with the checks and balances necessary to maintain accountability and meet all deliverables in an exemplary and timely fashion while adhering to all required regulations both internal and external.

PDP organizational chart
click image for larger view. Organizational Chart

1.5.2 Staff Resources

Appropriate staff resources were utilized for PDP’s programs to ensure the timely completion of high quality program deliverables. All staff members have appropriate education and experiential credentials to meet job requirements. Programs are structured to maintain smooth continuity of operations in the event of a personnel change through the use of knowledge transfer tools such as cross training, written procedures, and mentoring programs for staff.

1.5.3 Staff Selection and Hiring

PDP’s employment practices during the reporting period continued to follow the guidelines set forth by both the Office of Diversity and Inclusion of the University at Albany, State University of New York, and the University at Albany Research Foundation Human Resources Office of The Research Foundation for SUNY. These are stated in Guidelines for the Recruitment of Research Foundation Employees.

PDP staff

Among other objectives, these procedures are intended to facilitate and demonstrate the good faith efforts of The Research Foundation for SUNY and the University at Albany to identify and consider for employment a wide pool of applicants reflecting cultural diversity, including qualified minority persons, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans