Executive Summary

Throughout the past year, PDP has remained focused on its core mission of providing quality continuing professional education and training programs largely for the public service workforce in New York State. Historically, PDP programs have been highly effective in assisting numerous state, local government, and not-for-profit workers to increase their overall job knowledge and skills.

PDP received 27 awards totaling over $35 million to conduct this work during FY 2013-2014. Cumulatively, these awards produced $3.45 million in indirect cost recovery for the University. PDP has been a consistent leader among the University’s centers in generating a steady indirect cost recovery of funds for the University, and PDP’s performance during the FY 2013-2014 reinforces this pattern.

Also, during this reporting period, PDP’s professional staffing has remained comparatively stable in relation to the last several years. The primary responsibility of staff is the development and delivery of education and training programs, and PDP staff is well-equipped to produce high quality products and services for its constituents across a wide range of subject matter areas. PDP staff was actively engaged with the design of program curriculum and the delivery of a variety of educational programs. PDP successfully offered over 3,100 instructional activities enrolling approximately 115,000 employees in its various educational programs. The majority of these offerings were conducted for employees at the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, the NYS Department of Health, the NYS Department of Civil Service, the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, and local government agencies throughout New York State. The program areas that had the highest enrollments continued to be Child Care Provider Training, Computer Skills Training, and Child Welfare Training.

During the past year PDP expanded its reach by working with The Center for International Development (CID) and the Center for Parliamentary Studies and Training (CPST) of Kenya to offer a monitoring, evaluation and learning workshop in Kenya for key staff members of the Kenyan Parliament.

CPST was established by the Parliament Service Commission (PSC) in December 2008 to be a specialized resource center for the training and capacity development of the members and staff of the Kenyan Parliament. It was also established to serve other stakeholders who may be interested in gaining an appreciable understanding of the Kenyan Parliament and to assist other parliaments in the East African Community, the Great Lakes Region and the Continent of Africa at large. This was an excellent opportunity for PDP to collaborate with CPST and members of the Kenyan government on how to apply policy to practice in ways that produce meaningful change.

PDP’s future sustainability remains resilient, and it plans to further broaden its efforts in the delivery of high performance programs for the public service workforce beyond New York State. PDP continues to develop a range of e-Learning, web-based programs, and mobile technology to maintain and enhance its capacity to meet the educational and training needs of today’s global workforce. PDP is prepared to respond to this ever-changing demand for learning while remaining true to its fundamental values.

PDP’s annual center report highlights its many accomplishments in aiding the public service workforce to increase its knowledge and those skills that lead to improved work performance. PDP has proven to be a distinctive provider of high quality education and training for the public sector. Through its on-going work, it further supports Rockefeller College and the University in meeting their service mission goals and objectives. During the past year, PDP has strived to achieve distinction in all its work, integrity in its actions, and dedication in its responsiveness to its varied customers. This report provides an overview of PDP’s many accomplishments in meeting these goals.